Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Cleburne, Texas

"Where can I find a doctor or health care provider?"

This is the number 1 question we receive from women. They are looking for someone who can listen to their concerns and address their unique and individual health needs.

We know how important finding the right provider and hormone health care is for you.

Our Health Provider Locator contains many types of professionals, please refer to the following list for explanation:

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  1. Jennifer Motley MD

    Fort Worth, TX (About 21 miles)

    (817) 924-2111

  2. Deborah Lehmann MD

    Benbrook, TX (About 23 miles)

    (817) 377-1311

  3. Charles Hamel MD

    Arlington, TX (About 25 miles)

    (817) 468-7755

  4. Jennifer Brooks MD

    Fort Worth, TX (About 26 miles)

    (817) 334-0562

  5. Joseph McWherter MD

    Fort Worth, TX (About 26 miles)

    (817) 926-2511

  6. Sharon Dennis DO

    Arlington, TX (About 27 miles)

    (817) 277-6444

  7. Larry Sharp DO

    Fort Worth, TX (About 27 miles)

    (817) 246-7676

  8. Ricardo Tan DO

    Arlington, TX (About 29 miles)

    (817) 274-0350

When you have found a provider, it is critical to ask the important questions. To assist you, we've created our list Ten Questions to Ask Your Health Care Provider.

For customized compounds like natural testosterone or estrogen you will need to find a compounding pharmacy. These compounds require a prescription from a licensed health care provider. For additional resources click here.

Please note: Women in Balance does not necessarily endorse or recommend any of these clinicians or resources. WIB is also not promoting any commercial product, entities or individuals. In addition, this locator tool is for the exclusive use of women looking for health care providers. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

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